Fashion Marketing – Embracing Online Video To Enhance Marketing Strategy

When fashion and online video collide something visually appetising and pleasing is created. ‘Fashion Marketing: Embracing Online Video to Enhance Marketing Strategy’ will examine how video marketing brings out the best of fashion apparel and why these two should unite and synergise in your digital marketing strategy.


Fashion marketing needs to be innovative and creative with a thorough comprehension of consumer behaviour, changing needs, wants and trends.  How a fashion retailer communicates their brand and apparel determines success and competitiveness.

Digital marketing entails a range of communication tools, such as video, that encompass online channels, such as a website, utilised by marketers to build and develop customer relationships, interact with customers and meet customer wants and needs.  This does not occur in isolation, and integration with other communication channels makes it most effective.

The internet and video have transformed the creation of customer value and communication.  Success entails embracing traditional and online marketing across multiple channels and utilising visuals to communicate and create long term value to customers.  Visuals in the form of video is a diverse way of personalising marketing communications and expanding marketing strategy.  Furthermore, from an SEO perspective, published video content provides relevance.

Apparel properties and attributes relative to design aesthetics, visuals, shape, colour, style, fabric and fit influence buying behaviour and decisions.  Fashion and apparel are communicative, thus, videos dynamically, powerfully and interactively communicates an innovative representation of apparel visuals.

Strategically and competitively, videos and video marketing enables retailers to differentiate and diversify the way their apparel is represented on the website by conveying and promoting customer engagement and interaction into visual videos.  Product evaluation and attitudes are pivotally determined by marketing communications.

As customers are time sensitive with shopping habits, the use of video marketing can have significant effects on customer convenience and buyer behaviour relative to apparel information gathering, evaluation and pre-emptive purchase decisions.  Apparel retailers pivotally offer a service, thus, video marketing enhances the intangible and complements the tangible products and business activities offered.

Customers essentially want a seamless, innovative, interactive and engaging shopping experience. As part of this experience, they expect engaging content on the plethora of digital devices in their possession, thus, video marketing cultivates those opportunities and enhances online presence and success.

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