Digital Marketing – Consumer Privacy, Online Security, Personal Information And Online Trust

Digital Marketing entails online marketing activities via websites, online advertisements, smartphones with the intention of getting close to your customer, comprehending them, fostering and maintaining relationships and engaging a dialogue with them. This post will discuss consumer concern relative to online marketing activities.

Digital MarketingDigital Marketing is distinguishable from electronic business, or ebusiness, which entails any business that is achieved through the medium of technology i.e. website with organisational information, product or service information, selling products or services online and electronic customer service.

Digital Marketing efforts relative to online privacy is a substantial concern for consumers.  Some online merchants provide a privacy statement on their website, however, the emerging contention is that most consumers do not acquaint themselves with the statement.  Thus, a paradox is created relative to consumer privacy concerns. Consider the plethora of personal information individuals divulge on their social networking profiles. 

It debates, is it the consumer’s fault for not acquainting themselves with a website’s privacy policy, divulging personal information on social networks and raising uninformed online privacy concerns?  Fears arise where knowledge is lacking from a consumer relative to how their personal information and data is being used.

Online Privacy


An optimal online consumer experience, consumer trust and consumer confidence is attained by linking convenience and security. 

We reside in a technological era where the growth of mobile technology allows us to execute everything through our smartphone and online. Note the plethora of personal information stored on our smartphones.  Physical transactions and interactions between buyer and seller may one day be eradicated through the use of a smartphone.

Mobile wallets allow consumers to store and utilise credit card information, transfer funds and utilise e-coupons with their mobile device.  With the emerging smartphone trend in fingerprint scanning to authenticate the user and establish security, mobile payments appear to be the next technological step towards online payment options…will this give rise to further online privacy concerns? 

Mobile MarketingFacebook IQ was launched in 2014 but what is it? Facebook IQ helps marketers comprehend consumer behaviour and attitudes globally by unifying Facebook data with third party research. Facebook is a colossal community of individuals that connect, discover, retrieve information, share information and find inspiration.

Facebook IQ

Understanding the people who matter to you, so you can be what matters to them.

Facebook IQ offers marketers and brands support and guidance relative to their Facebook social media advertising campaigns. It is comprised of a team of thought leaders, researchers, writers, trend spotters, sociologists, anthropologists and scientists that translate their expertise and data analysis into meaningful insights for your brand.

“And if we are able to tell marketers more about what consumers are doing, then they’ll be better in using our platform for advertising.” Erin Hunter Sills, Facebook’s Director-Consumer Insights

Facebook IQ
“Anybody can go out and commission extensive third party-research,” but it’s the integration of that data with Facebook data “that gives us what we think is unique insight on why people do what they do.” Erin Hunter Sills, Facebook’s Director-Consumer Insights

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