Search Engine Optimisation – How Search Engines Work

Search engine optimisation is pivotal as search engines return results that are most relevant to a searcher’s query and ranks results relative to a websites popularity.

Relative to your search engine optimisation strategy, the more popular a website is the more valuable the information it contains is considered to be. Complex algorithms are utilised to determine relevance and rank relative to popularity.

Determining how search engines work is simply a search engine spider crawling, indexing in a database and providing searchers with a list of sites determined to be most relevant by a search engine.

SEO and how online video content can help, which will be explored further in future posts, aids search engines in determining what your webpage is about, increase traffic, increased visibility and its relevance to searchers.

Search engines also measure relevance and popularity by tracking what individuals do, comment, engage with and link to.  Remember, it is not enough to build an excellent website with fantastic content, that content should also be communicated and shared.

Search marketing is continually pivotal in your online marketing strategy to ensure that your website is gaining traffic and visibility from search engines. Improving website ranking through video content, for example, provides increased visibility and traffic to your website!

How search engines work

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