Social Media Strategy Success

Social media strategy success that is apt to what your business is trying to communicate while also fitting your goals and resources can be challenging.

social media strategy

Social media strategy success can be achieved by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Define Target Audience – Commence by defining the demographics (gender, age, hobbies, occupation) of your target audience that you are attempting to reach and consider what their needs and wants are.  What are the issues your target audience is attempting to solve and how can you provide a solution with relevant information?
  2. Content – Content is king! Provide consistently fresh and quality content with your social strategy and commit to it while also addressing your target audience’s issues. Your reach is extended and your content is more likely to be shared if the content is educational and helpful.  Address the issues your target audience want a solution to.
  3. Presence – Establish and maintain a social media presence on social networks where your target audience is most likely to use and spend time.  Build and nurture a social community one or two social media channels at a time and moving onto another channel once that is achieved.  Time is required to build a following and see results.
  4. Schedule – Establish and maintain a posting and content schedule that is consistent and frequent to engage your followers.  Establish goals to achieve social strategy objectives.
  5. Measure – How much traffic is being driven to your website from social media or your blog? What are followers responding to on your posts and what, particularly, is generating more or less interest?  Choose relevant and useful metrics to gather. Measure your progress and set key metric goals.
  6. Adjustments – Adjust your social strategy tactics, messaging and content overtime relative to information gathered from your progress and metrics.

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