Twitter Analytics – Video Tutorial

Twitter Analytics dashboard shows you a 28 day summary of your activity metrics and highlights. This includes the number of tweets posted within those 28 days, tweet impressions which is the number of people who have seen your tweets, the number of people who visited your profile and the number of followers you have.

Twitter Analytics allows you to pursue a more effective social strategy and increase follower engagement.

Create and share content that is relevant and appeals to your follower’s interests to boost engagement. This encourages them to engage with and share your content. Comprehending your follower’s interests allows you to create appealing content to them.

Schedule your tweets based on when your followers are most active and online to reach those followers. The Demographics tab in the Audience section allows you to determine the best time to tweet.

Examine your Top Tweets with the highest impression and interaction and replicate those same qualities for future tweets. Create tweets that derive and use the common characteristics you observed from your Top Tweets.  You may notice tweets with the highest impression or interaction contained images, videos, a call to action etc.




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