SEO Rankings – Tips To Boost Your SEO

Entice searchers to click on your website and increase search engine rankings by engaging visitors and encouraging them to explore and stay on your site.


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  • Develop and optimise a mobile friendly website and content
  • Keyword research to identify, target and capitalise on keywords
  • Comprehend your online customers: who they are, what they are seeking, how they expend their time online and what content they engage with
  • Look at how search engines are displaying search results based on your desired keywords to see what you are competing against.  Pay attention to the type of content being shown in search results using the desired keywords i.e. images, text or videos. This indicates what type of content you should focus on creating
  • Monitor industry and SEO news and trends as they can change frequently
  • Use a range of sources to increases your search traffic i.e. email lists, social media, blogging etc
  • Create and optimise interesting and quality content on your site that will help you rank higher in search results. Quality content gets rewarded!
  • Add video content on your product pages and homepage
  • Optimise images on your website for SEO
  • Regularly update and keep your content fresh!
  • Look at your website analytics to see terms or keywords that are searched for on site by your visitors. The site search data allows you to find terms or keywords that you should be targeting
  • Boost your local SEO visibility by encouraging your customers to review your business online
  • Think about user experience and how your website can be improved by using tools to gather webpage insights
  • Ensure each webpage topic, description and title is clear to search engines and searchers and are keyword rich!



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