Facebook Video Marketing – Tips For Success

Video marketing enables you to narrate and share an engaging visual story – this allows you to reach a lot more customers.  If you are not using Facebook Video Marketing start now!

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook prefers natively shared videos (uploaded directly onto Facebook) rather than a YouTube video link.  Share your video natively on Facebook! Facebook also has a plethora of customisation features that allow you to reach your target audience effectively.

Explore your Facebook Page Insights to view your video’s performance, contribution to audience engagement and effectiveness while also allowing you to determine what is working or not working for your business.

Video advertising piques engagement more effectively, and when effort is placed into creating a video marketing strategy that is effective, you will see a higher ROI for your efforts.

Creating and sharing an engaging video does not just stop there.  Ensure you have a call to action with your video to increase and complete customer conversions. Add a custom thumbnail to grab your audience’s attention. Consider video campaign collaborations and tag all the relevant pages and people with your post when you are sharing your video to boost awareness.

There are several ways to promote your created and published video.  You can click the Boost button on the post to give it a promotional boost and track the video’s performance in Facebook Insights. The videos tab in your Page Insights provides you with comprehensive metrics relative to your video.

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