Using Social Media For Researching Trends

Social Media user generated content from brands and businesses is a remarkable research resource for marketers and advertisers.  This data is constructive for marketers seeking information relative to consumer trends and subsequently attain successful online audience engagement.

social media trends

Regularly researching and monitoring social trends provides you with indispensable insights on what users find appealing.  Subsequently, this allows you to create an effective content strategy and position your brand fittingly.


Facebook has significantly improved its search tool that displays results and suggestions from public posts.  It should be noted that public posts from businesses and brand are searchable and retrievable by Facebook’s search tool, however, individual users may have their posts as private making them unsearchable.


Twitter is exemplary for conversations and real time trends research.  Particularly with live events where users tend to be the most engaged with trending events.  Trending events are  identified through Twitter’s hashtags which are keywords that are searchable.  Twitter has a lot of activity from a plethora of personalities which makes it a tremendous resource for gathering real time trends and information.


Instagram is particularly useful for retrieving images on certain topics.  Instagram also allows you to explore hashtags that are trending and explore new posts that emerge based on your own following and likes.


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