Using Social Media For Customer Service

Social media presents a cost effective opportunity to be used as a customer service tool. Neglecting to take advantage of this opportunity can leave you behind clever competitors.

Social Media Customer Service

Some of the largest organisations are mobilising their customer service departments online and smaller organisations should also adopt similar strategies. You can expand your following, improve your customer engagement and maintain customer satisfaction through social media customer service interactions.

Social media allows you to directly engage with your customers and respond quickly to their questions and complaints. Customers can also interact directly with you whenever they have an issue, question or complaint which should be resolved promptly. Doing so is more like to encourage customers to post and engage with your brand.

Public issues, when resolved and handled correctly, can be a PR triumph for you. Responding to issues or complaints publicly demonstrates to others that you regard issues seriously.  It publicly shows your customers that you care and advocate a customer focused culture within your organisation.  Some issues, however, are best rectified privately if a customer is very angry. Publicly, provide a contact number and resolve the issue privately to avoid a public back and forth blowout.  If you resolve their issue privately and successfully those customers often amend their mentions and reviews.

Treating customers nicely and resolving their issues gives them something to talk about to friends and family or even recommend you, thus, generating positive word of mouth.  It has been demonstrated that customers are more likely to trust recommendations from friends/family over advertising.  Engage with your customers publicly and capitilise on the vigour of influence through engagement.

Furthermore, engaging with customer service through social media creates more customer loyalty and the willingness to pay more for a great service.  Getting service right through social media will help grow your business.

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Listen to customer conversations and engage with your customers through social listening.  Interact with individuals who are talking about you, exploit opportunities and create relationships. Listening to what customers are saying about your brand, your business, your product and your competitors can reveal opportunities or issues you may not have even been aware of.




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