How Social Media Efforts Affect Your Goals – The Proof

How do you link social media marketing efforts against KPI’s such as profit and growth in revenue? Here are ways that you can use to prove that your social media efforts affect your goals.

Social Media

Social Traffic

Assess what posts your customers engage with as these insights can affect your business strategy.  When you identify a post that your customers have engaged with most, whether it was an image or a video, consider re-using the same thing for future posts and other social media channels. Measure visits to your website from social media traffic to assess website goals.

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Conversion Rates

You should be using Analytics to evaluate your social media channel traffic and measure conversion rates from social media.  Dwindle your data to identify which particular post lead to the most product sales. Comprehend the relationship between your social activities and sales.

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Content Costs

Creativity is pivotal and brands are striving to create creative content that grasps attention while also maintaining consistent activity across multiple social media channels. Social media efforts can help you flourish content creation at little to no cost, thus, saving profit…how? Simple…use crowd sourced content, with permission, to use across your social media channels. Customers are posting high quality content about the products and brands that they love so you should re-use their content to lower your content marketing costs.

Customer Service

Social media can have an effect on revenue growth and save costs, particularly in customer service. Customer service activities can be carried out through social media at a lower cost, for example, tweeting and replying to customer related queries with your customers on Twitter.

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