SEO Ranking – How To Maintain It

SEO rules are constantly evolving and you need to remain up to date with the latest SEO trends. Achieving website traffic that is consistent can be challenging. After all, if no one is visiting your website how can you convert prospects into long term and loyal customers? You can certainly increase your online visibility through SEO efforts but do your SEO efforts stop there?


SEO and search ranking efforts can be maintained by following these strategies to help you:

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Link Building 

Focus on the quality of your back-links rather than the quantity. It is superfluous to have an excess of back-links to that page if you are already ranked for a particular keyword. Having the majority of your links directing to one particular article can diminish your rankings. Have your inbound links point to all the numerous pages on your website to sustain keyword ranking and diversify your back-link strategy.

Website Speed 

The speed of your website is a ranking factor so ensure that your website loads fast, page load time is speedy and load time on mobile is also speedy. Ensure you have a mobile friendly website, particularly as that is where most searches are conducted. You don’t want visitors to get frustrated and abandon your website! If website speed is an issue for you consider switching hosting service to one that is reliable and faster.

Social Media

Getting links from your social media channels (content likes and shares) gives you more visibility and helps determine website relevancy. Add social media share buttons to your blog posts, add call to actions and give your visitors an incentive to share your content.

Outbound Links & Internal Linking 

Outbound links on your website are just as crucial as back-links. Having quality, valuable and trustworthy outbound links to other relevant brands on your website helps determine website relevancy.

Linking to related posts/pages on your own website through internal linking is another strategy that will help sustain keyword rankings, give visitors additional access to site content and keep visitors longer on the site. This also helps search engines determine the topic/focus of that page.

Site Update

Ranking is determined by the quality and freshness of your content so ensure that your website is regularly updated with fresh and quality content. Add images and videos to your content. Ensure site layout is fully optimised with engaging content to reduce bounce rates.






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