Why Blog As Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

As mentioned in previous posts search engines love new content! Failing to update or add new website content regularly you risk getting lost in page search results. Your content strategy should have fresh and regularly updated content. Create and optimise interesting and quality content on your site that will help you rank higher in search results. Quality content gets rewarded! 


Here are 14 reasons why you need to start a blog as part of your content strategy

  1. Show off! Showcase your successful endeavours, awards and customer satisfication stories/testimonials
  2. Connect with customers
  3. Increases online visibility by regularly publicising blog posts and encouraging readers to share your content
  4. Drives traffic to your website
  5. Gives customers a sneak peak and insight into your business operations
  6. Having your employees blog for you increases their credibility
  7. Analysing each post provides you with insights relative to what content your customers engage with/like most
  8. Helps boost your website’s search rankings
  9. Educates and informs your customers with relevant and insightful information
  10. Helps you build a network, trust and build a credible profile – network with industry leaders, guest bloggers and the opportunity to guest blog on other industry blogs
  11. Blogging is part of building your network and your business
  12. Generates inbound leads to your site
  13. Shares news about your business i.e. new product/service launch, event information or promotional offers
  14. Blogging is a focal tool for your content marketing strategy and increases brand awareness



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