How To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

If you want more Tweet engagements, to increase your online visibility and to drive traffic back to your website follow these tips:


  • Tweet without using links sometimes, as these tweets receive more engagement. It is pivotal to develop a relationship with your followers
  • I said it before and I’ll say it again…content with relevant images receives more engagement so tweets with images or GIFs will receive more engagement
  • Add relevant hashtags to your tweets but do not overwhelm your tweet with hashtags! Use tools like Hashtagify to do a hashtag search and find the most related popular hashtags
  • Ensure that your tweet is composed in the correct format. Begin composing your tweet with your text and then include a link, hashtags and an image. Diversify your tweets i.e. rather than composing the article/link title, compose a question that the article provides an answer to or use a direct quote from the article


  • Using Quote Tweet when you retweet provides you with 116 characters to compose something. Use this opportunity to add your opinion and thoughts to another person’s content


  • Create twitter lists and include accounts that share valuable and relevant content. This provides you with relevant and valuable content to retweet and content that your target audience is most likely to find engaging
  • If you are attending, interested in or running an event, generate a twitter list of attendees and speakers so that you can retweet their content
  • To identify your top tweets and see which of your tweets are getting the most engagement use the Twitter Analytics feature. You can use this feature to identify which tweets are getting the most engagement and what content was included in them i.e. images, video etc.

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