Social Media Shopping – Does Social Media Influence Purchase Decisions?

Social Media not only increases your brand’s awareness but also influences buying decisions. The optimal way of selling your products is to influence your customers to make a purchase by showing them that your product is going to solve their existing issue better than others or increase their feelings of joy & pleasure.

Many individuals turn to social media to seek advice, reviews and recommendations. This is what Crowdtap uncovered when examining how consumers use social networks for their holiday shopping habits.


Statistics have shown that a lot of consumers who add items to their cart when shopping online do no follow through with purchases.  Is it the number of clicks or the lengthy purchase process that consumers just abandon ship and discontinue with their purchase?

With the addition of ‘Buy’ buttons, social media will allow your customers to make a purchase with less clicks and directly from your Facebook Page! Social media shopping makes sense for your business if you are using social ads to increase sales or traffic to your business. Furthermore, you can also track ROI on sales generated from a specific social media post.

Check out this infographic from Invesp ‘How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions – Statistics And Trends.’


Check out this infographic from Syndacast on ‘The Birth of Social Commerce’


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