Influencer Marketing And What It Means For You

SEO rules and algorithms change constantly…so what new strategies should you be pursuing to boost your brand’s search rankings? Influencer marketing and social content shares are now prioritised more than backlinks and link building. As a marketer you need to learn to work with influencers. 

What is influencer marketing? It is a form of marketing that recognises and focuses on individuals that possess influence over their followers on  YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat and their purchasing decisions. Considering the importance of positive word of mouth and recommendations from peers through social media, influencer marketing has increased in popularity and power. 

The Global Managing Director of The Economist, Nick Blunden, calls influencers ‘Gen-Narrators.’  In an interview with Adweek he describes them as: 

A cohort of influencers who both are sophisticated media consumers whose reach is coveted by not only media companies but also brands. They curate, they consume and they create. And that’s what makes them influencers.”

To increase brand search rankings you will require social influencers to generate content that is shared by followers. With influencer marketing you can harness creative and entertaining content generated by influencers. 

Influencers magnify and add credibility to your brand and content. Influencers have a plethora of engaged and devote followers that share content and conversations.  Search engines will prioritise that content in search results. 

There is this incredibly powerful influencer generation. And if you engage with them in the right away, and you create content for them but you accept that they’re going to want to customise, curate and remix that content and make it their own and pass it on, then that’s a really interesting opportunity.

A search on Google Trends illustrates the growth of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

The Red Bull Media House is a prime example of branded content that contains a plethora of videos, photographs and riveting stories.Red Bull Media House

The Red Bull Content Pool, the Red Bull Media House offers a unique media platform presenting its broad-asset portfolio in the fields of print, TV, film, online and mobile. From thrilling sports to lifestyle, and from culture to ground-breaking photography that represent the brand with innovative, inspirational and courageous stories.  This is all content that is shared organically online by followers and consumers of the brand. Red Bull Content PoolNewswhip took a look at Instagram engagement for a number of leading cosmetic brands and one finding became clear straightaway – influencer posts chalked up huge amounts of engagement. For one company in particular, TooFaced, nearly all its biggest posts for that period featured influencers and the company was the biggest cosmetics brand on Instagram by average engagements.

Check out this infographic of the research report by Fashion and Beauty Monitor  in association with Econsultancy on the role influencers play in fashion and beauty:

Influencer Marketing

Some tips for choosing influencers to boost your brand’s search rankings

  1. Strategically select influencers with reach and relevance
  2. Have the intention of building long term mutually beneficial partnerships and relationship building 
  3. It requires strategic selection of influencers, authentic relationship building, and long-term influencer partnerships
  4. Partner with influencers that reflect and compliment your brand’s identity, personality and image
  5. The relationship must be mutually beneficial by justifying the benefits and value received for the influencers and their followers through the relationship
  6. Engage with your chosen influencers by liking some of their tweets, engaging with their content or mention them in your tweets 
  7. Offer your influencers incentives such as increased exposure



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