Social Media Marketing Strategy – 12 Ways To Use Video To Drive More Social Engagement

Facebook videos are generating an average of 8 billion views daily…as a marketer, videos should be part of your content!

Facebook Video(Source)

Consider the plethora and growth of live streaming video features, updates and apps such as Periscope (which Twitter purchased in March 2015) and Facebook Live. You should be using online video and live video streaming to promote your brand, reach your target audience and achieve better audience engagement.

Social networks are focusing heavily on video content and live video updates and features because it is what individuals engage with most. Twitter has rolled out a Periscope shortcut button to Android and iOS users which allows them to launch the Periscope app and commence a live broadcast.

Twitter is rolling out new features to drive users to create and consume more video content. A ‘Watch Mode’ will be introduced which allows users that see a video on their timeline to click that video and be directed to a video section of the app. Twitter will also suggest videos that users may want to watch. Twitter’s video limit is currently 30 seconds, but this is changing to 140 seconds.

Facebook Live announced new features to compete with Snapchat and Periscope. Facebook Live will be integrating with the app MSQRD which allows users to add masks and other effects to their videos.  It will allow you to broadcast and have a live discussion with another person which presents new opportunities for marketers. Finally, it will also allow you to schedule events, send notifications to your audience and introducing a virtual waiting area for viewers to wait in until a live broadcast commences.

Facebook LiveInstagram is taking video more seriously by introducing video channels within ‘Explore’. Instagram now allows users to post longer videos (60 seconds), an increase from 15 seconds. Instagram is also rolling out an update to its Explore section that will recommend video collections it thinks an individual will be interested in.

YouTube introduced Live Streaming from its mobile app and a Director app which helps business owners on a budget to get started on and create DIY video ads.

Why is Snapchat getting marketers excited? Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users that is growing remarkably, over 8 billion video views daily and it is ideal for reaching millennials and teens.

On Snapchat, “conversations are not only including a photo or video, but are being started by them.” – Robert Peck,  analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

What are the benefits of using video in your social media marketing? 

  • Your target audience is more engaged and are more likely to share your video content with their friends on their social networking profiles
  • Customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video
  • Customers are more likely to visit your website after watching a video
  • Marketers contend that video converts better than any other content

Video Marketing(Source)

How do you use video in your social media marketing strategy to drive more social engagement? 

  1. Share your video natively (upload directly) on Facebook. Facebook has a number of customisation features that allow you to reach your target audience effectively. Publishing Facebook posts with a video drives more traffic to your website and increases audience engagement – your audience will be more encouraged to share your content!
  2. Inspire your audience through storytelling – communicate a story through video
  3. Educate your audience with useful ‘how to’ video tips
  4. Create and share behind the scenes of your business and interview videos
  5. Consider creating a Facebook video ad How to Create Facebook ads: Facebook Marketing
  6. Use Snapchat to reward your followers with sneak peak product videos and behind the scenes videos
  7. Use the ‘My Story’ feature to upload event coverage videos that reach all your Snapchat followers collectively
  8. Live stream your event coverage or product launch and expand your reach organically
  9. Learn to work with influencers and influencer marketing – collaborate with influencers and feature them in your Snapchat videos, Facebook videos and live video streams
  10. Engage your audience by interacting with them through a video Q/A session
  11. Create a Twitter message that includes your video content and a link to your website. Make sure that your headline is brief and includes relevant and specific hashtags relative to what the content is about
  12. 60 second videos are an ideal length for sharing on Instagram as they result in more watch time, reduce viewer drop off rates and increase brand engagement

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