Facebook Live – How To Use Live Video To Communicate Brand Stories And Build Authentic Relationships

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast your video on your Facebook page. Your followers will see your live broadcast on their news feed…achieving high levels of engagement.

Your audience want authenticity, a connection and interaction from your brand…Facebook Live provides that by humanising your business and your brand. It builds credibility and trust for your brand!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live will include new features soon by integrating with the app MSQRD which allows users to add masks and other effects to their videos.  You will soon be able to broadcast and have a live discussion with another person which presents new opportunities for marketers. It will also allow you to schedule events, send notifications to your audience & introduce a virtual waiting area for viewers to wait in until a live broadcast commences.

Facebook Live

The great thing is that when your Live Broadcast is over or if your followers have missed it, the video is published to your page so that your target audience can watch what they missed any time. You can go back to the published video on your page and edit the description.

How do you get started using Facebook Live?

  1. From the Facebook app, select “what’s on your mind” or “Update Status”
  2. Select the Live Video Icon
  3. Type in a description and select your audience
  4. Select the back or the front camera for your Live Stream
  5. Select “Go Live”

FacebooK Live

Some Tips

  • Inform your followers prior to going Live and build anticipation

Facebook Live

  • Ensure that you have a strong and stable WiFi/4G connection prior to going Live
  • What value are you giving your audience by going Live?
  • Provide a description of your Live broadcast to ensure you grab an attentive and understanding audience

facebook-live-description-136406460049202601 (1)

  • Engage with your audience during the Live broadcast by responding to their questions and comments
  • Inform your audience that they can follow your live broadcast and receive notifications of your next live stream by tapping the ‘Follow’ button. Followers that engage with your page frequently may receive a notification anyway

Facebook Live

  • Some Live broadcast ideas can include a Q&A session with your audience, expert/guest interviews, sharing news, showing your audience how to do something, live event coverage, new product launch and show your audience a behind the scenes of your business/brand like Mark Zuckerberg did with his first Live Post

You can view your Live Video performance analytics from your Business Page by going onto your Page Insights and choosing Video.  You can analyse peak live viewers, shares, comments, reach, reactions, unique viewers, video views, average completion and minute views.

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