Event Marketing – Tips For Using Social Media For Your Event

Event marketing extends beyond promoting your event on social media, and if all you’re doing is simply creating and promoting your event on social media, you are missing out! Follow these tips for successful Event Marketing.

Event Marketing


  • Create some pre-event buzz! Generate and promote an event hashtag to increase social media and event engagement, use the hashtag in your posts/tweets, actively connect with individuals using your hashtag and have conversations with them
  • Promote your event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tag special guests and speakers in your event page so that they can share it on their social media pages. They can help you promote your event. Give attendees a little preview by doing an interview with your speakers where they can divulge a preview of what they will be speaking about at the event
  • Create and share a teaser video on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram). Have an event page on Facebook? Share your teaser video there too. This is a great way of promoting interest and teasing a new product or service that you are lunching at the event. Make sure to include your event hashtag!
  • Find and reach out to Influencers in your industry Read More: Influencer Marketing And What It Means For You
  • It is pivotal to consider Using Social Media for Customer Service to respond to attendee issues and inquiries quickly
  • Monitor and analyse your social media activity before, during and after your event to gather valuable feedback and determine what was successful/needs improvement for your next event. What are attendees saying? What did they enjoy most? Did they find the venue easy to find and get to? What are they saying about the venue/event activity?
  • Reach out and try to grab media attention and exposure. Connect with them, invite them to your event and ask them to speak with you at the event, share/comment on their tweets etc.
  • You should create a dedicated events page on your website which will contain all information relevant to your event i.e. media, announcements, schedule, list of speakers, how to get to the event venue and sign ups

During the Event

  • Have a dedicated social media member/team at the event
  • Share what is happening at your event, take pictures of your booths, event venue/attendees and guest speakers. Tweet and post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to use your event hashtag!
  • Promote a competition/contest on social media. Attendees can enter by taking a picture at your event/booth and post it on their social media profiles using your event hashtag, a winner is then announced at the end of the event
  • Video your event and go live on Facebook or Periscope. Get short video clips of your speakers and the event itself. Grab the whole experience on video! Read More: Social Media Marketing Strategy: 13 Ways To Use Video To Drive More Social Engagement
  • The awesome thing about Live Video is that you can re-purpose the video content in your email newsletter, include the video in an event blog post or on your website and share the video with the guest speakers to extend your reach
  • Grab quick video testimonials of attendees at the event. Share testimonials on your social media pages and website
  • Monitor social activity using your event hashtag and re-tweet/engage with attendees who are using your event hashtag/tweeting about your event

Post Event

  • Connect with attendees that you connected with at your event and form a genuine relationship with them. Follow them on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Send out a follow up event email to attendees and non attendees who were unable to make it. Thank them for their attendance/participation, ‘sorry we missed you if you were unable to attend,’ share a recap of the event and encourage them to follow/engage with your social media pages
  • Write a blog post recapping the event experience using the videos and pictures taken at the event
  • One final thing about event content…re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose!





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