Content Marketing – How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Content Marketing, what is it? This is a constant question being asked by new and emerging business owners about content and the content creation process. How to consistently come up with ideas for content is a main concern for many people who don’t know what to write, say or post in the digital space.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategies, I’ve discovered, are much easier to create for your audience once you get to know them on a more intimate level. This means knowing them beyond demographics. It means knowing their lifestyle, their fears, and their guilty pleasures. Being knowledgeable in these areas will allow you to become strategic, intentional and creative with your content.

Content Marketing is one of the most popular strategies in business. Many businesses use this strategy when posting meaningful captions on social media or blogging online. Content Marketing is useful information presented to inform, educate, entice or entertain your audience.

Its purpose is to build influence and brand awareness in your niche with the intent to encourage action from a targeted audience. This action could consist of making a purchase or signing up for a monthly newsletter, strategies to grow your business. Content Marketing is instrumental in growing. That’s why these 3 things below must be executed effectively to avoid overwhelm when using it: with this marketing strategy.

Create a Content Strategy

The most important step in effective content creation is to have a strategic content strategy. An effective content strategy will allow you to stay organized with creation processes and systems. An effective strategy consists of a signature format and distribution method.


It also consists of templates, organized categories for content, clarity about the intended audience. For example, a brand who owns a podcast would have an audio format and distribution method that’s available on iTunes. The iTunes platform would be its signature content management system. Another brand may have a blog that provides content in written format. Its written content can be hosted on platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Blogger.

To create a content strategy that works for you and your audience, you’ll have to know how your audience likes to consume your content. Are they always on the go? Perhaps a podcast would be an ideal content format and distribution method. Are they visual learners? Perhaps a vlog (video + blog) is more ideal for a format and distribution method.

Think about processes that work better for you and your audience, then create a content strategy based off of those factors! To help you create a phenomenal content strategy for your business, I’ve written 4 easy steps to get it done here.

After your content strategy has been finalized, your must commit to consistency. Consistency will be the catalyst between success and overwhelm in your business. To keep a consistent schedule, you’ll need to do two important things: Batch Create and Re-purpose.

Batch Create

Batch Creating is one of the most effective strategies that you can do for the productivity of your business. Batch Creating is simply creating content, in one setting, that’s either related in topic or campaign. The content isn’t used or presented all at once, it’s schedule and distributed with time. Each time you create content, it should be created with the intention of accomplishing a company goal.

For example, let’s pretend you have a product that you want to create a campaign for. You want to market to a specific segment in your audience. We’ll call this product “Triple X”. Triple X launches within one month and it’s your goal to promote this product for a month before launching it.

During the content creation process, brainstorm all of the information you’d want a buyer to know then create a plethora of content within a specific time frame. This time frame could be every Sunday or one day out of a month.

Remember, Content Marketing involves informing, educating, enticing and entertaining your audience through various methods. Your Batch Creation process should cover tips, quotes, beginner’s information (Ex: Triple X 101), fun facts, and more.

Here’s how one day of Batch Content Creation would look if you were creating content for one week on a Sunday:

  • 6 social media tips about Triple X
  • 1 behind the scenes photo/video of you making, servicing, or creating Triple X
  • 5 quotes about Triple X
  • Beginner’s information about Triple X
  • Blog about Triple X launch

As you can see, each piece of content involves one topic but the types of content you’d create would be diversified. For more ideas on content creation, download my free e-book 30 Ways to Create Content for Social Media and Business.

Once you create all of your content, schedule your posts in an content management automation tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. Automating your content will allow you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Re-purpose Old Content

In addition to Batch Creating, use old content to create new content by converting it into different types of content and distribution methods. You can Re-purpose all of your content by creating different videos, e-books, e-courses, resource vaults, and more!

Let’s revisit our pretend scenario, the launch of product Triple X. We can take the content we’ve created for a week and convert all of our tips for social media into a new related blog post. We can take all of our social media captions and turn it into a workbook. We can also convert our blog post to an e-book. Blog key points can easily be turned into 3 new blog topics. A plethora of social media captions can be converted into a workbook.

Again, it is extremely important to know your audience. There are so many ideas for Re-purposing, but you must create useful content to make it successful. The content that receives more engagement (likes, comments, and shares) is what your audience likes the most. That information should be Re-purposed into more content for your audience to consume.

Creating content isn’t a hard task, especially if you know your audience. However, consistently creating meaningful content can be a daunting task if you don’t create with intention, if you don’t Batch Create, and if you don’t Re-purpose what you create.

Remember, any piece of content you create based on the lifestyles of your ideal clients can be Repurposed into a new piece of content. That’s why I created Content Overdose, a 5-day email course that will teach you exactly how to create content, Batch Create and Re-purpose it to remove the overwhelm and frustration from this marketing strategy. To learn more about the course, click here.

Your content creation process is extremely important to the success of your marketing campaigns. Establishing a content strategy will allow your creation process to go smoother because you’ll know exactly how and where to post content online.

Pick a day out of the week to create content for the week or month. After you’ve created and scheduled your content, Re-purpose it for future projects. Be sure to stay relevant, stay consistent and ahead of time by Batch Creating!



About the author
Natalie Greagor

Natalie Greagor of Strategist Cafe, is a personal brand and online business strategist who helps creative-preneurs (creative-entrepreneurs) grow their business through do-it-yourself branding and marketing strategies. It is her mission to teach emerging creative-preneurs how to overcome limited resources such as money by learning to complete branding projects and marketing campaigns themselves. She helps creatives create cohesive digital spaces on social media and the web. She also helps them define their brand voice and personality as well as keep a consistent online presence.

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