Instagram Marketing – Your Guide To Not Suck At It!

Are you using Instagram for your business and want to know how to effectively use Instagram Marketing? Do you want to grow your followers and effectively engage your followers on Instagram?

Instagram has grown stupendously, it now has more than 500 Million Monthly Users and 300 Million Daily Active Users!

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In the past year Instagram announced a marketing partner program, built calls to action, extended video ads to 60 seconds, began showing video view counts, reached 200,000 monthly active advertisers, introduced video carousel ads and opened dynamic retargeting. It recently launched launch of its tools for business users, including new business profiles, analytics and turning Instagram posts into ads.

How do you direct followers to your website from Instagram and generate web traffic?

You can include one link in your Instagram Profile bio (Edit Profile option) so use this to include a link to your website and direct followers there. ASOS’s Instagram bio has a link to their website which directs followers to a ‘AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM’ webpage.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

You can link to any page on your website, this can be your homepage, product/service page or your blog page. If you are running a competition, include your website’s opt in link in the competition photo. The point here is to ensure that your Instagram content strategy generates leads to your website.

Intrigue and inform your followers with an interesting bio description of who you are what you do. Keep it short, sweet and descriptive! 

Call To Action!

You want to convert leads into customers and increase conversions. You are asking for an action and you want just that…ACTION! After all, it is called Call to ACTION! 

To drive traffic to your website and increase conversions include a CTA in your posts, for example, “Link in Bio.”

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Using relevant hashtags on Instagram allows you to reach your target audience more extensively, increase engagement, increase your followers and see what your competitors are doing with a simple hashtag search

With tools like Hashtagify, you can track Instagram hashtags, their potential reach, top related hashtags and top influencers you care about on Instagram. You can also extend your brand’s reach by using popular hashtags or trending events. 

Connect with Influencers

Reaching out to and connecting with influencers relevant to your industry can extend your reach, increase brand awareness and engage your followers by running competitions with influencersFind out more: Influencer Marketing and what it means for you

Check out this case study on Adidas and how they have leveraged social media marketing and youth-focused Influencer Marketing Campaigns to reach millions of interested consumers, achieve high levels of engagement and reinforce their brand identity.

Instagram Marketing

How does and to what extent does Influencer Marketing account for social engagement? Newswhip took a look at Instagram engagement for a number of leading cosmetics brands.


Leverage the power of storytelling and connect with your followers. Humanise your brand and bring it to life using storytelling to generate higher engagement. Narrate and share engaging visual brand stories that reach a wide number of your target audience. Video converts better than any other content. Videos are great for telling compelling and engaging stories about your products or services. Read More: 12 Ways To Use Video To Drive More Social Engagement

Give your followers authenticity and connection. Give your audience compelling content and they will want more! This is also a great way of building trust.

Instagram Marketing

User Generated Content

Leverage the power of User Generated Content and “Regram” content created from others. This provides you with fresh and cost effective content. Creating fresh and new content can be time consuming so leverage UGC. Social Media, User Generated Content and Word of Mouth are hugely popular, evoke trust and influence over purchase decisions (46% of Consumers Use Social Media in Purchase Decisions).

Furthermore, your customers can tell real human stories and feel part of the conversation. Customers have become more demanding and have more expectations. Your audience want experience and to feel part of your brand!

Encourage your followers to share their photos using a relevant hashtag (if you are running your own hashtag campaign include your hashtag in your bio), run a photo competition (Instagram Promotion Guidelines), do a hashtag search for your brand name and see what your customers are sharing (social listening).

Instagram Marketing

Encourage, engage and recognise your followers that interact with your brand…they want recognition and acknowledgment! Respond to comments and acknowledge your followers by thanking them. 


See how well your Instagram marketing strategy is performing by analysing how well your content is performing in terms of engagement, comments, likes and the number of followers. Doing this allows you to what is working or not working, what your audience is engaging with most and what changes you can make to your content strategy.

Some More Instagram Marketing Tips!

  • Be consistent with your content!
  • Give your followers a compelling reason to follow you with user generated content, engaging content, sneak peaks and behind the scenes of your business/brand and competitions. Remember…always leave them wanting more!
  • Ensure that you Instagram profile layout and visuals reflect what your brand is about. Consistency is key! 
  • Be creative! Don’t be afraid to be bold and stand out from competition 
  • Don’t be pushy or over promotional!
  • Promote a certain lifestyle through content that reflects your brand’s identity e.g. use scenery, scenarios, activities etc. 
  • Running an event? Promote it on Instagram Event Marketing: Tips For Using Social Media In Event Marketing





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