Blogging Is Like Jogging – It Doesn’t Work If You Only Do It Once!

You know that you need to do it and that you will see positive results. You know you will feel so much better when you are doing it. If you can find the motivation and time to exercise you can certainly find the motivation and time to create content and blog. Jogging is great exercise that really gets the creative juices flowing. Blogging is also great exercise for creativity. Jogging works up a bodily sweat. Blogging works up a mental sweat.


We all know that exercise is beneficial to your physical and mental health. But what about your business health? Regular and consistent exercise keeps your heart beating healthily, your digestion flowing, boosts your happiness level, boosts your energy levels, builds strength and flexibility, boosts productivity, supports your immune system, increases your confidence and increases your life expectancy. The same applies to regular and consistent content creation and blogging for your business.


Exercise, just like blogging, does not require you to overdo it. Exercising, blogging and results take time, motivation, energy and commitment. Whether your goal is to lose weight or build strength (or both). With consistency over time you can expect to see results and achieve your business goals. Blogging is not a sprint. It is more of a marathon. Making it a habit and part of your daily routine, it becomes enjoyable and much easier to do if you keep at it. Don’t just TRY and do it or find time to do it. Make it a part of you.


When you are exercising or lifting weights, over time your body will lose weight and build muscle. This requires a workout routine that works for you and will help you achieve your body goals. Healthy eating, nutrition and meal planning are also pre-requisite. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Blogging and content creation is the same. You are building content muscles, you’re building healthy networks, connections and links, you’re losing unwanted content weight and you’re meal prepping content creation a day, or a week or a month in advance.


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